oh there’s so many bargains to be had, we’ve got H some lovely clothes that she’ll fit into next Autumn/Winter – there’s no point buying too much for now… although she’s had another growth spurt – she can now comfortably grab the handle on the door and open it. Very comfortably. We had to buy her new shoes, as she went up a shoe size in a month… and because we were in Oz, she only got to wear the shoes I got her for two weeks. Jeez.

She also is ridiculously tired at the moment, and averaging two to three wakeups a night – which more often than not result in her sleeping between us from 4am, if only to get some sleep and be less tired. I’m hoping this is the last lot of teeth trying to make an appearance… would be nice. I thought I could feel one molar but none of the others.. but then if the last lot is anything to go by, the others will all suddenly appear, with the one I can feel being the last one!!

I think we’re going through more seperation anxiety at the moment, though I’m convinced this isn’t helped by the lack of sleep. Somehow we’re functioning on this lack of sleep, too. God knows how. This is just what parents do though, isn’t it?