“row row row ba!” she’s taken to singing, just repeating the same line, and sometimes rocking forwards and sometimes on her side (that’ll be nursery’s second verse, “Rock rock rock your boat gently to and fro, splish splash splish splash, overboard you go”) – so while she can’t say, she’s definitely singing it. The only reason I know this is because of the signs that go with the songs, so I’m seeing how Sing & Sign fits into it all even more so than usual.

Which is kind of funny, as she cried and was moody for her class today.

We’ve had a five minute sleep and now she wants to play. Argh. This means we may have a very sleepy baby around the time of her swimming lesson – her naps suddenly changed – yesterday she wouldn’t settle at this time, and only did when it was 1pm, for over an hour. Hopefully this wont happen at nursery.

Currently she’s putting a bucket on her head. It fits perfectly. I have photos.

Oh, and she is now walking – but only when it suits her. If you praise her, she’ll sit down. If you pretend not to watch her, she’ll walk. I’ve no idea where she gets this stubbornness from. Ahem hem.

Yesterday she fell and her teeth went into her top lip, poor thing. She seems okay though although we’ve had some blood again today, and there’s a little ulcer-y spot on there now, poor thing.