I have been tagged by the excellent Rosie from Mummy & Boo to list my Room 101 nominees, all of which still make me cringe.


The first one has to be music related.
There is one occasion in my life I wanted to walk out of a gig but couldn’t – and it was for the shallowest reason. Beer. I was at Brixton Academy and it was my last job, we had free tickets to see Hurricane #1 who were supporting Ocean Colour Scene – a band I’ve never liked. This was when they were really big and really irritating, so mid 90s. I was with an ex-boyfriend and his friends and they Kept Buying Me Beer. Being the kind of person who doesn’t like to let a good pint go to waste I stayed and drank while wishing I could get out of the venue. I think I escaped by the time they went off stage – even beer didn’t make them better, they were awful. Yes, they played that awful song that Chris Evans played to death, I remember the feeling, a kind of ‘aah, I’ve finished this one I can go now’ while being handed a fresh pint and my heart sinking as I was too polite to say no. It still makes me shudder.

So I’d like to banish Ocean Colour Scene away for eternity if only to take away the painful memory of being forced to drink too much and listen to them for one evening. It has scarred me for life. I didn’t learn my lesson, an artist who I love did an appalling gig and I stayed out of loyalty – she shall remain nameless.

The 37 Bus at 4.30 on a weekday when I’m leaving work.
Oh this one drives me mad. The 37 bus is one of the three buses which stop at the good stop at Clapham Junction, the one at the top of the hill (the other two are the 337 and the 170). My local bus stop now has a countdown which is good, but if I get there and see the 37 is due with nothing else less than a minute behind then I’m stuck. The 37 always seems to be running ahead of itself, that or the driver is messing with me and knows I have a train to catch in 8 minutes. He’ll wait at every stop for a good minute meaning by the time I get to Clapham Junction I’m lucky if I catch my 41 train, let alone the 38. It is SO frustrating!! The worst one is when only the 37 appears up the hill yet it says there’s another one due, do you risk waiting knowing the other bus will overtake and you’d have got there quicker? It’s a risk and one I never take, so sit fuming at how the world and their buses are all flying past as we sit and wait for the driver to go. He’ll often pull into a stop if there’s nobody there too and open both sets of doors, adding extra time to the journey. It drives me UP THE WALL. I am not the only one.

So I’d banish the slow 37 bus and replace it with some fast ones (as to be fair, not everyone is taking the same journey as me, some people do want to get to Peckham).

London Bus

My final Room 101 is one which applies to loads of people.
It drives me mad – a lot could be due to my lack of hearing as I often have to lipread people or guess what they’re saying, but people who mutter under their breath. It happens ALL THE TIME to me, even H does it. Everyone is on to something I think, as I really cannot hear what is being said but I know something has been said. So say we’re having a conversation and then you withdraw from the conversation and mutter something under your breath? I’m going to assume it’s about me as I generally can’t hear you and after all, we’ve just been talking to each other.
I know I can be exasperating at times, but we all can – and muttering under your breath makes me exasperated too. Loads of people do it. See also: a recent addition, the people who ask me a question then as I’m answering shout over me with their answer before I’ve actually finished. I would like to say it’s rude, but I know I’m bad at interrupting people – I try not to, but I’m terrible at judging when someone has finished talking – so I know I’m not perfect.

So yes, I’d rather people just spoke to each other nicely and worked out problems. It might be hurtful (I was told I was ‘only a blogger’ in the last couple of weeks in relation to something I had received to review, it’s fine, I’ll live – and I was spoken to rather than muttered about) , and it might be awkward but I think it makes people better people if they can just tell someone what they mean.

So these are my three Room 101 nominations. I would now like to nominate three other bloggers, so am doing the excellent Lynn at A Slice of Lemon’s Cake, Mary at Over 40 and a Mum To One and Rachel at An Exeter Mum.

Stickers, Stars and Smiles

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