if I can get the words out of my brain, that is.

She’s (as I’ve probably already said) turning into a proper little human now – the things she does daily are less like a baby and more like someone learning – which in turn makes me feel a bit good about myself, as I’m one of the people teaching her.

On a sadder note, she’ll have more people teaching her soon, as she’ll be starting at nursery for one day a week in a couple of weeks. But I don’t go back to work for another month after that. Anyway, we start her induction tomorrow. I think I feel like it’s more for me than her – she’ll probably love it, and I’ll have a hard time letting go.

Anyway, as previously posted, we now have a top tooth – though not one of the middle ones. It’s the upper right hand side next one along, so she’s got a bit of a fang thing going on right now – it’s giving her a bit of bother, I think, but is fully through now. The others don’t look imminent, and she’s not acting like they will be coming in (ie, tons of dribbling), but the unsettled nights are well and truly here. Good god, are they. I remember the first night she woke 8 times and I wondered how on earth we’d cope. Now it’s becoming normal… by around 5.30am she’s on our bed in between us in her sleeping bag, and eventually falls asleep, so we all get an extra hour – thank god. Maybe early nursery mornings will change things… we shall see. Tomorrow is a test run, as she’s not due there until 9am.

She’ll laugh like mad at random things now, for no particular reason. It’s quite cute, in a sort of “eh?” kind of way. Like, it’s hilarious if I say “ma-ma” to her, although one plus side to this is I can say it enough times, get enough laughs, and get a chance to look inside her mouth. See, there’s ways of making things work for you if you think about it hard enough.

Anyway, we’ve both got nights out next week. I’m out on Wednesday for a gig, and Shaun’s out on Thursday with the other dads. So things are slowly going a bit more normal for us, and it’s good to get out there – although Shaun’s always local – I’ll be in Camden…

She’s now able to grab hold of the rail on her Fisher Price mic stand, and pull herself up to an upright position. I think the floor surface is holding her back from crawling now, so will be getting one of the sleeping bags on the floor tomorrow, see if that makes any difference… I think it might..

Oh, and the potty use is going very very very well indeed.