“I one a rotten egg!” I said, the past coming back in that moment where you’re searching your brain to remember exactly what it is you’re thinking of, but it isn’t coming back to you clearly. Like some kind of Google of my brain it snapped back into today.

“I two a rotten egg!” said H, knowing what would be coming, the anticipation.

“I three a rotten egg!” Shaun added

and on it went, four, five, until I saw a problem.

I quickly said “I six a rotten egg!” to which Shaun did his seven, taking his turn early.

H with the biggest grin of all turned to both of us and in the biggest giggly voice said

“I ATE A ROTTEN EGG!!!!!!” and nearly fell off her chair laughing.

And me? I was taken back to my childhood, my grandparents doing that with me. It was lovely. Simple, funny stuff. You can’t beat it.