I never make them, so this isn’t about New Year, it’s about getting organised. Yeah, right.
• finish each knitting project
• use a pattern so you know what each project is when you start it
• knit H a hat for next winter (that means I’ve several months to get it done, voila, a project and a target)
• work out what each blog I do is about, as I meander around. Sometimes I think it should all just go on the blog at sweetfoolthemouth.co.uk as it’s a bit quiet there.
• Save money this year.
• Don’t buy things that we really don’t need.
• Have a holiday – we’ve not had one with H yet. This is probably a bit sad to say that. The last holiday I can remember is Paris back in 2007 or 2008? (n.b. Australia does not count, as it’s visiting the in-laws, otherwise York would count too)
• Make my CV good. You should always re-do your CV every year so it always looks good.
• Say what I mean to in less words. (be concise?)
• Keep up Pilates classes
• Have some Acupuncture on my back. Or wherever they stick the needles.
• Know that when H doesn’t do/have/etc something her friends do/have/etc that she’s only two, and doesn’t necessarily need it (or be able to do it, as I’m sure I’d have been four or five when I learned). Do not feel any kind of peer pressure. It’ll happen in time. Remember the mantra – toddler-led (or baby-led as it used to be) – we’ll know when she’s ready. No pressure for anything.
• Learn one new knitting stitch thing every couple of months. Make a small square for The Blanket That Love Knitted when doing it.
• Return compliments when given them and don’t feel as awkward receiving them. (I am bad at this)

I think that’ll do.