Ah lovely, a great afternoon at my friends, catching up with my other mum friends we’ve not seen in a long time, and even better, no accidents – though we did have a big one after naptime. Tomorrow is my first day back to work since early December, and H is back at nursery.

This would be easy to deal with, had she not woken up at 2am last night, a leaky nappy and one of her socks had come off – seriously, what’s that about? Her socks go wonky and she’s heartbroken. She doesn’t get a cuddle when I’m trying to dress her and she hits me? Toddlers, that’s what – there’s no logic or sense to things. (or at least, there is until there isn’t)

There’s a new book out, ‘Toddlers: An Instruction Manual‘ and I’ve contributed a couple of bits to it – and although I only got the book last night so have only skim-read it, it’s full of great advice from other mums and how they’ve coped with their toddler and their ways… PLUS even better than that, some of the royalties will go to Home Start, a leading family support charity. I found several great contributions (my favourite right now, the ‘Wheels On The Bus’ one – it’s very funny and I suspect H isn’t too far off being like that). Even better, the Kindle price is less than a fiver – it’s a bargain, and is going to be something I’ll be referring back to for a while.

Actually, right now she has her Winnie The Pooh memory cards and she’s pretending they’re a drink, and is drinking them. While singing ‘The Farmers In The Den’.