H has been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately.

‘Time For School’ was the favourite for a good couple of weeks, she’d carefully count each episode and type in the next one to watch, and sit keeping herself entertained.

Then at the weekend a very odd thing happened.

She watched an episode of Peppa Pig.

Her first episode in years. Two years, maybe? Maybe a year and a half? We haven’t watched Peppa for a very long time indeed.

She watched several more. It’s like some weird regression back to a world where she was at nursery when things weren’t so hard, and she didn’t have to do so much thinking. Which is how I make sense of it all – and it’s fine if she wants to watch Peppa Pig – I have no problem with it. I’ll still try and get a bit of Horrible Histories or Dick & Dom in there where I can, but sometimes she just needs that change I guess.

This week sees the last Topsy and Tim episodes. The one we saw being filmed was shown last Friday, and I was sure that would be the end of our time with Cbeebies. It would seem not… her little soap opera will soon finish and I expect tears just like there were when her favourite got voted off the Great British Bake Off last week. (she buried her head in me and sobbed)

My little girl is somewhere between being a big girl and still being a little girl, and she’s making her own way. I guess a bit of the past every now and then isn’t so bad… it didn’t harm me!