Last night I went to a house in Sutton and had my feet massaged for over an hour.

I have good feet, I’ve been told. Probably because I wear socks a lot and trainers rather than heels. My overall health is good too which is good – I told Mrs Reflexology my issues and that in itself was a weight off my mind. I’m bad at talking to people, I’ve found lately more often than not I’ll be asked a question, will start to answer and just get shouted over. It’s frustrating and I’m withdrawing from anything which stresses me out like that. H doesn’t need to see it either – an unhappy mummy.

So lying there, eyes closed, blanking out the world and relaxing was the first ‘me’ time I’ve had in a while, and it was great.

It also took me back to the time my dad was dying. He loved having his feet rubbed and we’d all take it in turns at home or eventually in hospital. It would make him feel really comfortable having them massaged, and it has made me wonder with what little bits I’ve picked up whether it was something to do with how uncomfortable he was and how the foot relates to the body and how it maybe made him feel a little bit more comfortable. So yes, all kinds of things came flooding back.

I found reflexology interesting. The lady found ‘crystals’ in areas I’d expect them which was interesting. My lymphatic glands are currently draining so no coffee for today. I didn’t sleep as well as I thought I would last night but I didn’t sleep badly. Will I feel better after this? Possibly. Will all the things which make me anxious change after this? Nope.

Did I enjoy talking to someone who understood the problems? Yes.

I’m thinking about trying some acupuncture next and keeping everything crossed I get a follow-up appointment with this lady.