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Okay, so. Saturday was the Dramabuds party which was lots of fun. Afterwards we made jelly worms and didn’t actually bother to look for the recipe, just went on the picture which is obviously utterly foolish, especially as there’s more to it than just pouring jelly down some straws. As we found out.

There’s currently more jelly in straws in the freezer which will be solid. This is looking more like jelly worms who froze to death, than squirmy worms on a plate. Oh, and when I’d got a couple of them out vaguely successfully by running them under the hot tap, the bowl I had them in fell off the edge of the sink, landing in the washing up bowl water. I fail.

Hastings Pirate Day Twins

Hastings Pirate Day Twins – although we’re not quite pirates yet – photo by jos

Yesterday we headed to Hastings for the Hastings Pirate Day, an attempt to break the world record for the most pirates – which Penzance held at that point in time. All they had to do was beat 8,000. It was a beautiful blazing hot day and Hastings managed 14,000! We only stayed for a short while as after a while it was obvious things were going to happen, but not quite then and we had no shade and only H’s water. Poor planning on my part there, I believe.


arrr that’s better! Photo by jos

Afterwards we headed to Jos’s mum and dad’s house which is lovely and was lovely, and sat in the garden drinking wine, relaxing and eating nice food and tricking H with ‘Freddy’ the frog who kept disappearing which kept her amused all day. The Red Arrows came into view at 5pm for the finale, and we got to see them, plus the top of a loop the loop they did.

Today was Olympic Torch day in Carshalton, and after getting a photo of the swan on the lake (which looks a bit odd, it has to be said) where bands are currently playing and wafting into this room with their drumbeats, we stood in a shady area and caught them going past from afar. There was a bit more going on this time around, and I loved having the afternoon off to do it, though it was over so quickly and again so hot that we didn’t stick around for too long before heading home for shelter.

Olympic Torch in Carshalton