Tonight I was walking from the station, and for the first time in months I had a huge smile across my face. I’m not sure why, I didn’t feel any happier inside than I ever have, but I was happy. It was good! I have no idea what made my face do this thing.

It felt good though, I had nothing which was driving me mad, maybe that was it. I don’t know.

Don’t worry though, normal service will be resumed very soon – I’ve to do an entire day of no technology tomorrow, so that’s no washing, no dishwasher, no breadmaker, no coffee machine, no kettle, no computer, no iPad, no phone (either kind), no switching on tv (oh how Shaun is looking forward to that) or changing channel. I will be SO frustrated. I have wine, and we’re going out in the morning and afternoon so that’s a good thing.

But actually, once H is in bed this could be the perfect opportunity to sort out my life. I have several pension plans which have had zero contributions paid in for the last 20 or so years (which is pretty bad, potentially I could retire in just over 17 years if things stay how they are now), so we’re getting my life in order. However, one thing I learnt when training people is to never say something is ‘easy’ – as it can make someone who doesn’t find it easy be less confident about it. So when Shaun told me it was all ‘obvious’ I felt the same way.

Oh, AND – way back when I worked at General Accident I was trained in Pensions. Didn’t understand a bloody thing either. I really am not the numbers person in this house. (I was quite good at accounts though, and enjoyed dealing with the public and sorting out their problems and looking for missing payments) So yes, nothing at all with pensions is ‘obvious’, it’s still a load of gobbledigook. I remember almost being in tears every time I had to deal with the public with a pensions problem as they made no sense to me AT ALL. No fun. Mind, neither is the thought of retiring in 17 years. Gulp.