Okay, she’s 21 months, it’s way too early, but she’s such a sponge for information it seems daft not to try some things.

Then I found this website very randomly. Apart from it looking like a good northern site, there’s some sensible information in there – one of them being teaching your little one how to read. So I’ve read, and digested and the two words I’m working on at the moment are “H” and “happy” – I figured they’re similar and if I write them down then she’ll guess for a while and then recognise them – and I’ll bring in more words as and when she does.

She knows her name from nursery – she’ll happily say her name, with her surname being “Haddams” (which always amuses us), and I framed the Dick Bruna alphabet postcards a while back and they’re hanging in her bedroom. It’s all good.

So far I’d say we’ve had a pretty good result with the two words – she does guess, but if you ask her to try again she’ll guess – I need to write things down with her so she doesn’t just say what she thinks, and maybe bring some more words in there soon. While I don’t expect her to be reading books, it’d be nice if she knows what to look for… she’s definitely a child who wants to learn (and is happy doing so).