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H’s reading and writing has come on massively in the last month. Since she was moved up a group at school into slightly more difficult books she reads them with ease, though I am getting a little tired of the Dandelion Phonics gang and their crazy stories. We’re getting three books a week now and are working on expression. This was helped in the week with a trip to the Library, picking up ‘The Pigeon Wants a Puppy’ by Mo Willems. We love the Pigeon series and picked some of his other books up at a car boot sale a couple of years ago – they’ve always been fun to read.

This time I let H read them. Her expression with reading was limited to sounding excited when she sees an exclamation mark and trying to read the sentence in her head to get the context of what was being said. ‘The Pigeon Wants A Puppy’ goes one better – when you need to shout there’s NICE BIG CAPITAL LETTERS and plenty of exclamation marks, as well as working out the tone of what is being said when there’s an exclamation and a question mark – but most of all H read the lot with few prompts, burst out laughing at the correct bits, and found it fun to read. I found it wonderful to listen to her as it was a ‘normal’ book with a theme, and of course Mo Willems books are brilliantly funny anyway.

H LetterI’ve been impressed with her writing too. In the last week we’ve had several cases where she’s writing without getting help, forming the words based on sound. I had a card made for me telling me how much she loves me (I’m also told this at least five times a day) which is on my wall at work and makes me smile every time I need to. At school this week there were two things we received which I thought were brilliant. The first is an instruction manual on Emergency Vehicles, and on the back page she’s written ‘Author – H’. Too cute! The second is a letter telling us both how much she loves us which was delivered in an envelope from school yesterday. (it’s also great to see school are using Twinkl for their resources!)

Information about Emergency Vehicles

Things are progressing nicely, I’m really proud of her. We have our next Parents Evening at school next week, as well as the latest eye appointment, school disco, swimming lesson and inset day. Fortunately the Inset Day has a party (which Shaun is doing, I’m at work), so I’m hoping that things are coming on as well as we think. Oh, and then it’s half term. Already. She’s booked in at Holiday Club for the week and they have some great trips planned – soft play, the cinema, the Science Museum and to local parks (let’s hope they’re not still flooded). She’s a lucky girl. I am also a bit scared about her first trip into London without me. She’s almost four and a half and doing this with just seven other children plus however many adults they need. She’s a good child and I know she’ll be fine, but the first time is scary; my problem not hers though.