My little baby, my little H. My little parrot who repeats everything she hears and more often than not gets it in the right context – though still hasn’t sworn.

“Oh GOD mummy, you’re so funny” she rolled around on the floor laughing tonight

“Daddy, I have a tickle disease” she told him, a repeat of a game they played over a week ago.

“Oh Daddy, you doughnut!” she exclaimed while I tried not to laugh too loudly trying to make sure she couldn’t see me.

We’ve been practising throwing and bowling balls indoors today, and every time I’d catch it, I’d get the “oooOOooh, well DONE mummy! You’re very good at this!” chat back.

It’s very cute, it’s very funny, and hopefully just a phase…

What this actually means is we now need to be careful of everything we say when she’s with us. So the amount of times I’d say something which she’d once laugh at and forget, are now an odd reality repeated back a week or so later. This overthinking lark is quite hard work you know.