H had a rotten runny nose today. We were keeping the tissue industry in business the amount she was getting through, a steady stream of snot, poor thing.

After lunch we got downstairs for me to discover an evil rash all over her back. One photo and a panicked call to Shaun and I’d booked a doctors appointment. Seems she’s had something viral, as well as her extremely dry skin she’s had a while now – so we got more ointment on prescription to hopefully clear it up… poor thing. I was convinced it was chicken pox, but the doctor said definitely not and was something viral. Though isn’t chickenpox viral? Oh I don’t know!!

Of course, as soon as we got to the docs H brightened up and was bossing me around, not at all like the little girl who was unwell after her nap, crying her eyes out on my knee needing cuddles and being really quite poorly looking.

Actually, she looks shattered now. This should hopefully mean a nice restful night for us all…

On the plus side the Lakeland airer arrived intact and fully working and currently drying three loads of washing… there’s just one left to go. Hurrah!