Tomorrow it’s Race For Life. That kind of came around quickly.. I’m not in any way prepared for it other than I’ve done plenty of running for the train lately thanks to the roadworks around Clapham Junction making my bus go slow.

I suspect I’ll be doing my fast walking again – I’m not a runner, though I can do bits here and there. All I want is to beat my record from the previous times and maybe come in at around 50 minutes (it’s been 59ish both times).

I do Race For Life in memory of my dad. He died from Bowel Cancer in 2006. It’s scary to think that it’ll be six years this year – he died on Friday 13th October. My mum has had some cancer issues as well, though is still with us. Her partner has just finished chemo. I have a friend I went to school with who had breast cancer, which then led to bigger issues – her story has recently featured on Home and Away – the actress who plays Irene and my friend are very good friends, and she’s mentioned her a few times in interviews. She’s doing really well right now. There’s people I know have died from cancer – only a year or so older than me. It’s everywhere.

So I do my bit to raise money for Cancer Research, in the hope that one day they’ll find a cure.

If you want to sponsor us, we’re here – and thank you, if you do. I promise to do a bit of running, even if I’m not capable of the whole lot.