Our house is quiet once more. My mother in law and sister in law are currently somewhere over the North Sea heading back towards Singapore, then on to their Australian destinations.

Actually, it wasn’t that noisy when they were here, but two extra people (and our house can cope with it, we’ve enough space) has been great, fun – and wonderful for H. Now it’s all gone again.

We had one major event, in that H sat with both her nanna’s for the first time – she’s never been with both of them, it’s been one or the other due to the geography involved. So that for me was a big occasion and one I know she’ll probably not remember but I’ve a photo she will treasure. Apart from the fact my mum was talking on all the nice ones as she ALWAYS does when having her photo taken.

A bit like I do.

H now wags her finger and tilts her head to the side a bit when she talks to you.

I’ve been told I do that as well.