Tonight I was chatting with one of the nursery key workers outside the gates – the road nursery lives on is on is always fairly busy – there’s two comfortable spaces cars can fit at the front, then there’s the gaps between the locals’ driveways (of which there are many) – and worst case there’s some side roads.

I get so annoyed. More often than not, someone parks on the dropped kerb where the safe crossing point across the road is (complete with a little island, a bit like this). It’s really irritating – try crossing what is generally a safe place to cross when you have to walk around a car – it’s not as straightforward as it should be. Plus as I’m trying to teach H about looking left and right when you cross the road and crossing when it’s clear and it’s made that little bit more difficult having to walk out in front of a parked car (which the Green Cross Code man told me you should never do back in the seventies, or at least, between parked cars – same principle, you can’t see the person as well).

We both had a good rant about it. It’s annoying, it isn’t safe and the parents should know better. Ignorant idiots!

She headed off and called back “See you later!” to which I replied the same.

H turns to me. “Mummy. You were wrong. You won’t be seeing her later – you’ll see her tomorrow, silly.” She was quite concerned I’d got it wrong… that told me then.

(and to do with my ranty mc rantington, I may well for the first time ever complain to nursery about it, and ask if they’re able to request double yellow lines being put there to make it a bit safer)