I said to Shaun as we settled down to sleep around 1am this morning after having shared a bottle of wine while watching the Freddie Mercury/Queen programme on BBC4 (BBC4 are having a really good run of programmes at the moment in the evening too), how nice it is that we’ve had all this time together, H wakes up around 7.30 to 8am and gets out of bed, you hear the pat pat pat THUMP pat pat pat then the loud bang as she opens her door, comes into ours and yells

W A K E  U P  M U M M Y A N D  D A D D Y

Very loudly.

So every morning we bring her into bed with us.

This morning she came to my side and said in the tiniest voice

Can I sleep in your bed please mummy?

After a short while she coughed, gulped, splurted. Yep, it was time to be sick. I grabbed her and put her on my shoulder (so she could then be sick on me, yum) and picked her up and got her to the bathroom where I was pretty useless as she vomited a little while being terrified of what was going on, while I was trying to instruct her to kneel down to get a better view of the toilet bowl. It didn’t work, she just sat on my knee. There was a second lot, so all our plans to do something nice today kind of went out the window.

After getting cleaned up, today was declared a pyjama day, so we cuddled up under a rug and watched endless Peppa Pig. I tried H on plain food, a banana slowly, then some crumpets, and finally an apple. Nothing came up. In fact, after an hour or so our little bossy madam was back as if earlier that morning hadn’t happened.

Anyway, to make up for not going out we played in the back yard instead, with a bit of hide and seek indoors for fun (yeah, hide and seek when you’re an adult is difficult, though just throwing a blanket over yourself and hiding does still work), a little bit more Peppa Pig, and a bit more than that too.

She ate her evening meal fine tonight anyway, I think whatever it was it’s gone. I hope….

It’s kind of annoying as we’d set aside today to go out somewhere – and tomorrow is one of my parenting milestones – Mary Poppins is on tv and we’ll be watching it together, so there’s NO WAY we’re going out. (she may have to wait another year or so for The Sound of Music on Tuesday, though I might try some of it – she might relate to Gretl…), so now we’ve got to plan an interesting day trip for our traditional New Years Day expedition. Last year it was Eastbourne – and it was freezing and windy. The year before was Bognor Regis – we were still jetlagged from our Australia trip. It needs to be by the coast for some clean air, but not too far to drive. Hmmmmm….