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We did it. A week of Holiday Club and we’re out the other side, a week of firsts all ticked off. Actually, it’s been quite a week. Let’s break it into easy to digest simple points.

Three big trips, one of those into Central London with her Holiday Club friends, and we have one very tired little girl. One little girl who feels so grown up and one parent (i.e. me) who is relieved I didn’t go to pieces this week worrying about things (I just took it out on Facebook and was reassured by everyone else).

Shaun has got a temporary promotion! This is a very good thing as since he passed his ACCA exams there haven’t been (m)any opportunities. However, the lesser-good thing is that he’ll be going straight into Accounts End Of Year Hell so we probably won’t see a lot of him next month. Sigh. Late nights are never good.

The stress of having a week where you know what fun your child is having is helped a lot when friends spot them out and about on their trips. One friend spotted them at Soft Play on Tuesday and left me a message which was reassuring. I feel like the next holidays when she’s in for another week things will be a breeze – it was a week of firsts.

Shaun is also reducing his monthly childcare payment. We’ve got so much money stored in our Voucher Schemes thanks to the drop in costs since H started school that it’s getting silly. A good silly though. I’m not complaining.

I am SO tired right now. Every night I’ve gone to bed and to sleep around 10.30-11ish. I haven’t felt this drained in a long time. My next break from work is Easter, so that’s six weeks and counting. Funny how the weeks break down into blocks of term time.

This morning H was taking her time getting ready, especially in the toilet. “Hurry up and wipe your bottom” I called to her (as you do), to which she looked at me with her proper angry face (which is a very funny face) and told me “Mummy, you have SPOILT a perfect day by saying BOTTOM!!!”. So I turned around to her and said “Bottom! Bottom! Bottom!!” and felt like Rik Mayall. I also realise what a terrible example I’m setting my child, but I was laughing too much to get worked up about it.

School have set her a homework task of writing up what she’s done on her half term break. I love that she’s got on with it, with the only real help from me being how to spell ‘Science Museum’, and she worked the rest out for herself.

H has been a delight to be around this week. We’ve done a lot despite me being at work, with lots we couldn’t do for the same reason. She hasn’t complained and has got on with things. I’m seeing a little girl who has gained a little bit more confidence in a good way. I see a parent who is letting go of things that little bit more. She’ll always be my baby, even when she’s 51.