Tonight as I unpacked H’s book bag from school I dreaded reading another phonics book about various funny looking creatures with phonically challenged names.

Instead, I was met with a note in the book from her teacher and a note that she’s moved up to the next book band – blue.

For all I know, all the kids have moved up to blue band together. That doesn’t matter though, it doesn’t matter if one or none of them have – the most important thing for me is that though she’s the youngest in the year she’s doing really well. Her teacher commented with ‘excellent reading’ which makes me really happy.

This is good, as we’re working on oo, ew, ue and u-e sounding words, she had a blue band book last week with split vowels in them too, and we enjoyed the challenge of new words.

This does mean that we can’t hide things from H any more. She can read them really quickly and well now – to the point she still freaks me out when she does it. Fortunately we don’t have much we wouldn’t want her to read, and it’s mostly her spotting signs for things than anything else, but it’s still huge progress (in some ways it reminds me of when she was little and would stop doing something to concentrate on something else before doing it all like she knew for weeks anyway).

To challenge her I took her to Ikea yesterday – I figured a few Swedish names might throw her a bit, but she just found other things to read instead. There really is no escape now – and I wouldn’t change a thing!

So if you happen to read this, H is the youngest in her year – she only made it into the year by a week or so. She loves reading, hasn’t felt out of her depth and I know it’s one of her strengths at school. Year 1 will be the big test, when there’s less play and more work, but for now she’s coping fine with it all, and I’m delighted she’s doing so well. Being the youngest and doing something she enjoys doing is a great thing.

And I need to get over thinking that being the youngest means she can’t keep up with everyone else.