This is an album I bought on the day of release – I was a huge Creation fan and a huge House Of Love fan – I remember going to see them play on the week of release at Leeds Irish Centre, a handful of my fanzines in my hand to try to sell – and I was mesmerised by the noise The House Of Love made – god it was good. I spotted David Gedge from The Wedding Present who I knew to chat to quite well, so headed over to talk to him, then realised that he was attending the gig with none other than JOHN PEEL (who was reviewing the gig for The Observer – it gets a mention in the sleevenotes of this release too). So I tried not to gush too much, gave him a fanzine (he insisted on paying for it, and I insisted he got it for free, I don’t remember the conclusion), and I believe he mentioned it on his next radio show which was really exciting. Actually, John Peel helped me out quite a few times – when I put on gigs in York (not many, I have to add) I’d phone him up and he’d mention it and I’d break even – just thanks to people turning up on the door.

I seem to remember this first House Of Love gig, St Christopher, a York band, supported. My dad came to pick us up at the end and Ian the drummer from St. Chris recognised my dad – as they were wargaming friends, so that was also quite odd as he was ‘that bloke from St Christopher’ and not my dad’s friend. So this is just random memories of a point in time, and it’s set to be reissued by Cherry Red really soon. I got my copy this morning and I’m about to revisit it again. (and yes, it has the better original version of ‘Shine On’)…

The House Of Love - 3CD Reissue

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