Have I mentioned H’s obsession with Peppa Pig? (EDIT – yes, two posts ago. ARGH) It’s getting a bit much, but in a good way.

(I have to say for the record here that I hate hate HATE the really popular kids tv shows like Waybuloo and In The Night Garden for the lack of proper english, so Peppa Pig wins hands down right now as far as all that goes, mind)

She’ll now see me open the laptop, perch herself on my knee and say “Peppa Pig memail?” Anyway, 3 weeks ago Shaun got a set of 10 books, and within a few days she knew the titles of them – so much so she’ll pick a book and tell us which one it is before we’ve seen it – she’s picked up on it really really quickly. They’re simple enough stories, not particularly educational, but still fun, and she’s seen a few of them on tv (and the rest… it feels neverending), but from watching and reading the same things her language has really improved.

I have my bad mum moment where I feel like putting her in front of the tv to watch it is a bad bad thing, but then common sense kicks in – back in January she’d be screaming at the door, wanting to be with me (when I needed to cook tea) and now she’ll happily sit on the chair watching her favourite cartoon, following what’s going on and giggling along to it. You can ask her a question about it, and she’ll answer it. Plus we need to eat. But it still is *there* in my head. Arg.

But she likes it, she watches it, she shows me things on it, she giggles when it’s funny, I get food ready, and we sit together and talk about it, so actually, despite me not liking the fact the tv is my babysitter, it’s also a safe place and something we can talk about.

Maybe it’s not all bad?