Well, kind of. Last night we got her to sleep, finally, around midnight. This was with minimal screaming, she just wouldn’t settle.

She woke at 4am, got changed, and I fed and tried to settle her. Ended up, she finally nodded off around 6.30. I have new bags around my eyes. She woke again at 7.30, 8.30, then 11.30. The biggest progress? I was able to sleep while she did! Breakthrough!!

She just had a crying fit, so I’ve moved the Dyson in here, and switched it on. Cue one crying baby turning into one peaceful bub. God I love my Dyson.

Ah well, almost time to go and see the Health Visitor. We’ve got to book her 8 week appointments too – which are only 2.5 weeks away. She’s doing quite well on that front – she had some tummy time when daddy got home last night and moved her head quite confidently from side to side, so I’m feeling positive about that.

More importantly, we’ve not had much painful screaming. Could the colic be on it’s way…? I don’t want to tempt fate…