Well I think we were remarkably restrained with our present buying this year. A list, so that next year I also don’t go crazy…

An abacus (to help with her counting)
Some Yo Gabba Gabba bath squirters
a Yo Gabba Gabba sticker book
some Dora The Explorer stickers
a Dog print facecloth which expands in the bath
Some cheap Octonauts toys which include a baby Octopus
Peppa Pig cards with several games to play on the pack

from others:
Some Megabloks to go with the ones we already have
a Playmobil Farm House
A Doctor uniform
a Doctor kit
Winnie the Pooh memory cards
Animal sticker book
Two fab books (‘I Want My Hat Back’ and ‘Again’)
a Peppa Pig lunchbox (H said “where’s the lunch?!”)

and most importantly of all, money to go towards her various activities we do which is what I really wanted – we’re not short of cash, we’re short of space for new things (like presents!), so this was the perfect solution this year.

I think that’s it. We’re not overrun with new things, and our house is a nice calm with lots of lovely new toys H keeps playing with – using a silly voice and doing their talking for them, which is extremely amusing. PHEW.