I’m a fan of routine, keeping everything at roughly the same time each week. I often forget, you see – and just knowing what day it is means I have a vague idea – a kind of “If it’s Tuesday, it must be 2.10 finish and football at 4” type thinking.

School holidays throw things, and being at work five days a week finishing at different times every day also confuse me, so my iCal is generally kept up to date if only so I know where I am.

Then there’s matters of clothes, things, food and so on.

I can spend an entire Sunday morning working out what we need and planning ahead. The Ocado order gets booked for week ahead (we have their midweek pass, I’ve been a customer of theirs for around seven years) so I know what I like from the Ocado/Waitrose things on offer.

Need clothes? I can get them ordered to pick up from stores I’m passing on my way to work that might be open, or ones Shaun can get to near his. So that’s H’s school uniform sorted – she’s grown again. Seen a nice top in The Gap I like? Found a good discount code, so with delivery it can arrive at my work cheaper than it would to pick up instore.

This leaves my Monday lunch break free to head to Uniqlo and pick up more t-shirts from the Jonathan Adler range. Nice.

Amazon are delivering me the entire 1970’s Famous Five series on DVD next week, as well as a Google Chromecast.

It’s kind of funny isn’t it? Everything is coming to me as I need it. How did our parents cope? I remember our weekly trips in the car to Asda, a big event for us back in the 1970’s. We didn’t get things delivered while we specify when we need it. Mind, we didn’t wear school uniform back then and there were only three tv channels, and VCR’s were a long way away.

Truth is, we coped just fine. This is all just convenience. After school we have activities, after work I’m reading with H and doing homework (I never had any of that until I was 11). How did we have so much more time back then?