Tonight I got home from work – H has been a bit distant and tired in the evenings recently and I’ve put it down to us being so busy, no more than that really.

Every night I’ll sit her on my knee and we’ll have a chat about the day, what we’ve done and what was the fun thing we did, and so on. Tonight I spotted a pimple on her upper body. Then another… oh dear… a blister spot.

We all know what that means. Chicken pox!

It’s been going around nursery again, so I made a call to them to see if any children in H’s room had it recently, and indeed they had. A quick call to the doctor to find out if I need to confirm if it is the pox, and they tell me we can call at 8am tomorrow and be seen (but a part of me thinks that’s SO wrong, spreading the germs about the surgery?), nursery tell me once we confirm it she will be accepted back in a week, and I’m thinking this is possibly the worst imaginable time to have this – with Shaun’s last exam on Tuesday, his work have an accounts system launching at the tail end of next week which he’s in charge of… which means I’ll be doing the bulk of this… and I’ve only TWO DAYS HOLIDAY LEFT. Sob. Unpaid leave then… unless my work take pity. Fortunately I can do everything from home, so I’m hoping we’ll come to some arrangement. I’ve got a theory I’ll be able to sit H in front of a film and get on with other things, so it could be do-able… and Karen next door has a lot of Disney DVDs…. we have some bought for Christmas that could be used now if we absolutely have to.

But still. Chicken pox. Poor H. She hasn’t really seemed to suffer for it yet, so I’m hoping it’ll be a mild case. I rushed off to the shops to get some calamine lotion (nowhere sells it) and some antihistamine syrup (only the expensive stuff could be bought), and stopped by my local Mumpreneurs meeting on the way home for a pint of water and a chat (and I met with my friend who works at Flair who has passed on some fab nail varnish and lipgloss designed for little girls like H)

We’ll make the call in the morning, but I already know the answer. But seriously, would you take your child to the doctor? I think it’s wasting their time – we know what it is. I just need to get the calamine on to help it dry out and scab over so she can get back to nursery again… my poor baby! Mind, given she was jumping around the room to Peppa Pig earlier I’m hoping this is how it’ll continue… better go and check on her… wish me luck…