So H is back to school tomorrow, over half way through her last year of Infant School, and heading into the Easter break. I like half term, even if it means we don’t get to spend any more time together – I worked through it all, though Shaun took both Fridays off (one was an Inset Day).

They weren’t given any homework which is a relief. Although some parents received a badly-worded letter to announce this term’s topic is Pirates – but couldn’t work out if we were actually meant to send the child in dressed as a pirate. We’re sending H in dressed like that anyway after cobbling together a hastily made Pirate costume.

Half term was Holiday Club for H. She’s booked in for Easter too, with the odd day off around the holidays. See, the fun has to be provided by someone else when the holidays come as we both work five days a week (and additional extras at home when we absolutely have to). Fortunately she’s really happy there and gets on with whatever is being done so I don’t worry how she’s getting on.

So I work straight through from 8.30 to 2.30 every day (without a lunchbreak), getting the train which goes closest to Holiday Club, picking her up and going on to whichever activity or playdate we have planned. Repeat to fade…

She’s tired, I’m tired and we’re back to school in the morning for another five weeks of tired. After school activities start again and we’ll be TIRED.

I’m not complaining, mind. Just tired.

Tired of logging everything H does to show she reads a lot (her teacher knows this, this bit is parental guilt), tired of fighting (verbally) with everything H doesn’t want to do because – guess what – she’s TIRED. Tired of tidying up, H is tired of tidying up too. Bribery isn’t cutting it any more. Can we just order a giant bin for her bedroom and put everything in there?