I admit it, last Friday I felt really quite depressed. The initial stage of ‘what on earth happens next’ and over a week later and nobody really seems to have a plan. Then Cameron resigned and I wanted to cry which is weird as I can’t stand the bloke and I’m not a Tory. Thank goodness for The Last Leg on Friday evening to bring a bit of sanity back to it all.

A week on and I’m feeling much calmer about things. Perspective. We haven’t done anything apart from some quite important bits:
• I joined the Labour Party.
• Shaun got a free Tastecard with his CSSC Membership
• I signed up H to the Tottenham Juniors Supporters club. Has to be done.

So now the scary stuff is coming out in the press, politics are imploding and something is going to happen which may or may not trigger a general election and more stress. The In or Out buddies are back to being a part of their own parties again and didn’t want to play with each other really anyway. Oh, and all the parties have fallen out with each other too. It’s like a game of pass the parcel gone wrong, where the person doing the music wins the prize in the middle.

We watched Gogglesprogs last night. H was watching the section on the Referendum. “Mummy, they told a lie” she informed me. I asked what. “Well, they said that young people voted to stay in, and old people voted out”. I confirmed that this was in fact the truth, and not a lie at all. “But you’re old mummy” she responded. Ho hum.

H and I have talked a lot about things from the last week. Mainly because on our afternoons after school I’m checking the news. It’s an interesting time to be almost seven and learning about the world, especially now she has her own opinions.

Where does the result leave us three? I have no idea. It has certainly made us think. This country feels like a confused place at the moment. When we’re not all arguing hate crimes are on the rise, it feels like everyone is angry at everyone right now. It isn’t pleasant. I hope things become pleasant again.