Phew. It started out as a quiet day, we had our bit of the barbecue early as I was convinced nobody would turn up, but then a couple of friends did, and I had a lovely time, and H was a little darling giving out cuddles and giggling and playing with her friends, and only freaking out once which is pretty good going.

H’s new favourite thing is sleep – she’ll get a toy (or herself) and a muslin cloth and prepare them for bed. Extra cuteness when she got her milk and “fed” it to one of her toys, then put them down on a cushion for sleep too (she’s currently doing it for Charlie Bear, and herself).

She’s taken to waking early again (never good when you get to bed at 11ish) but fortunately I’ve a proper coffee maker now, so the day is bearable again thanks to caffeine…

Recently it’s come up a lot in conversation, the things you swore you’d never do when you had your kid – so I’m going to log them somewhere… the most recent being people who put their children on the phone. Up until H was born this happened to me, and now she’s chatty she’s on the phone talking to other people quite a lot. I could probably write this better but the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet.