We ventured out to Kings Cross this afternoon – meeting up with Jos on the way, right by the newly oddly positioned platform nine and three quarters which had a very polite long queue of people wanting their photo taken. This was even odder as the platform wasn’t anywhere near the trains – there was a section of spare wall and they allocated it, maybe?

Anyway, we walked up to St Martin’s College (cue ‘Common People’ being my earworm all afternoon) and immediately came upon their fabulous fountains – that popped up randomly and were extremely funny, particularly when Shaun and H went for a walk through them just as they got bigger. Oh how I chortled.

St Martin's College Fountains

Eventually after a bit of splashing we headed to the Pop Up Festival of Stories which was a load of tents and tables with paper and pens and books and authors – and happily for us we got to meet the very fabulous Clara Vulliamy, who we discovered for the first time late last year when H was given ‘The Bear With Sticky Paws Won’t Go To Bed’ from nursery – on to the more recent ‘Martha and the Bunny Brothers – I Love School’ – both are favourites of H. Clara is super kind and sent us two books from the Muffin series which was pretty excellent – I love her drawings and stories – and H loves shouting out sections – every night we have an “OH NO! Sticky paws everywhere” moment – so to see Clara draw Martha Bunny, her brothers and the dog was pretty ace.

Clara Vulliamy draws Martha and her Bunny Brothers

H got to meet Clara but was really shy. We wandered off to check out everything, and found a tent showing films. We’d just missed the Very Hungry Caterpillar, but were in time for some Maurice Sendak goodies – but the start of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ upset H a bit (despite having the book), so we squeezed out of the tent to join Jos and Shaun.

There were some Muffin pictures to colour in, and oh, try tearing H away from it – it was impossible. I have to say I’m getting more impressed at her ability to colour within the lines – although when she’s done that she’ll scribble all over the picture. She gave this one to Clara.

H colours in Muffin

We went in search of the Moomins, via the Guardian bookstore where I picked up a copy of Katie in London by James Mayhew (H was too tired for us to stick around for his reading unfortunately) which has gone down well so far. No Moomins were found other than books, but it happened to be Babar’s birthday so H, in true tradition, threw herself at him a bit like she has with Fudgy Bear, Wenlock the Olympics mascot and the large Teddy at the Haven Holiday camp. I’m sorry, but I’ll never get tired of her giving these large creatures cuddles – though today’s was made funnier by her demanding that Daddy also gives Babar a cuddle. Daddy refused.

H meets Babar

We headed back for some more crafty things around James Mayhew’s tent, where H got to do some drawing on a large piece of paper taped to the floor with Muffin on it – which was pretty cool and an idea I’ll definitely steal – plus she got so into the little detail.

H drawing

We’d missed The Moomins, the times were off, so we headed for one last laugh at the fountains at the front, now with kids in swimming costumes splashing around in them – before heading back to Kings Cross for the best train ever to Sutton – first stop Sutton, that was – via New Cross and that way. It was also an excellent tool for telling H not to walk around while the train was moving and that she could change seats when it stopped.. hehehe.

One quick trip to Nando’s which we were a bit disappointed with (I tried to find positives, there were a few) and one last train journey home equals one tired toddler and two tired parents and I’ve just remembered I’d better call my mum back… see, it never stops in this house.