Oh god, I am doing an appalling job at keeping this updated.

She points now – this came in the last week or so – she tells us what she wants now, and we have a minute before it moves into a frustrated cry. Thankfully most of the time it’s water or more food she wants, or a toy. Oh, and the chimes I’ve put up in the kitchen too, she likes the sound of those, and will point with a huge smile.

If she feels like she needs to impress us, she also randomly points at the lights, sort of like she’s saying “look you two, I can point to the light” with a slightly pleased look on her face. Oh, and she often points at Miffy. Seeing as we’ve gone for the Miffy overkill, she points at several of them – and she’s good at pointing out buzzy bees as well.

But yes, pointing. We’re there.