I’m entering the Tots 100 competition to attempt to become an Activity Toys Direct Ambassador as quite frankly we need more outdoor toys – we’ve run out of space indoors! (according to Shaun). Actually, this could be a foolish thing if I was successful. There are several reasons for this…

back yard

1. We rent. Therefore what we have is what we’re stuck with. We have no land to improve other than buying plant pots to put in front of things. We buy many plants and pots each year, and grow vegetables – anything to make our back yard look prettier. We don’t seem to buy the kind that stay in bloom all year (do such things exist?) so right now our yard is bare.  When it’s sunny though, oh my it looks good.

2. We have one shed. It is packed full; especially tonight with this big storm planned.  Our current slide takes up a lot of space, and H has outgrown it. Fortunately we had an outdoor swingball game this year that doesn’t involve sticking the pole into the ground. It’s not like we could build a second shed to put more things in.


3. We have no grass – just a back yard. This means there’s no putting up tents in the back garden, alas.  No camping practice, that kind of thing. There is a patch of grass at the front but the drunks pass that way too often.


This could also be a stupendously good thing if I was successful. The reasons for this are…

1. Our back yard is great for drawing roads on and cycling/scootering around on. Or building Karts – H being the builder she is, this looks amazing. Now if someone could design a good outdoor street I’d be happy, with traffic lights and so on – or at least my back would! Her nursery and school have noticed how much she’ll build things, and this looks like her kind of thing.

Picture 145

2. You don’t need grass or soft landing for an enclosed trampoline. Suitable for older kids, this would be great for H and would last too going on the reviews. It doesn’t say if it’s suitable for a 43 year old though….


3. There’s enough room to make room for things. Like a slide for a bigger child. Result! Plus we have our soft mats from the previous slide if things feel a bit precarious (unlike this charming child on the picture, my daughter seems to love climbing up slides the wrong way). As an added bonus it means I can freecycle the old one. Everyone wins!


So yes, this is my ideal scenario. Things that can move from house to house. That’s the other downside of renting – you never know from year to year if your landlady will renew, so you need to be ready to think about moving when the time comes. What a pain! Next time we’ll get a garden….

This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition