This year we’re going to have our first family holiday. I’m determined this will happen. I even went as far as to buy The Sun for 10 days and save the tokens, posting it all off last Wednesday. Now it’s the waiting game… but hopefully that’s June sorted.

We’re going for a weekend back up north too, catching up with family, some of which we’ve not seen since last August (like my mum), staying in a guesthouse run by an old schoolfriend of mine. This should be February’s break.

Another we’re definitely doing are some musical events. We’ve already got our Peppa Pig tickets for March, and now The Wiggles are playing in June! (which I’m hoping wont clash with the planned holiday, or I’ll cry, Greg’s back too!) Add to that Lollibop, and I’m definitely getting tickets for that, and I reckon there’s a good few things for this year to keep us busy, and give us something to look forward to.