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I love Wednesday. It’s my day off work and we’re always busy – there’s always something to do. Today was no exception.

We had our last swimming lesson of the term – quite a few of H’s class were given their Duckling 3 badges – H and her two good friends aren’t quite there yet, though will be the older ones in the class come September when classes start again… though they’ll be there soon. I guess at that point they’ll move into the next Aquatots group… which will be interesting – as it’s not a class straight after ours… though by then it may well be she’s swimming on her own anyway.

Which kind of scares me in a good way. I mean, I was seven when I learnt to swim, not three.

The postman brought a DVD I’d been meaning to buy for ages – H’s first film. After everyone said how great it is and how we need it, I bought Toy Story. Yes, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. Buzz Lightyear and co will soon be gracing our living room. But not today, today Buzz & co live in a case on top of our DVD player.

Oh lordy. Are we opening up another load of merchandise H is going to want?

This afternoon we headed to a friends house, where I had my hair styled by H and her friend M. I tell you what, they might not style my hair, but it was like an indian head massage – damn good. I can highly recommend having a toddler pull at your hair for a few minutes, and even better it doesn’t cost as much as a regular head massage either. Three toddlers is exhausting but fun – by the end of the night H’s friend C was doing forward rolls for the first time – much to his parents horror (as he’s quite accident prone and seemed to try doing them off the settee).. I tell you what, I’m shattered.