We have words, we have many many words. Too many to keep on top of now. I don’t have time any more to keep up with this, it’s always one hectic day after the next.

H is a little darling, she really is. She’ll do so much now to please you, although one thing which we’ve still not got through is her seperation anxiety, and the fact she wont play with anyone else when they come to visit. Last weekend we had Ash & Paul, and Alex & Adam with their kids over, and she spent the whole time on my knee crying and being so clingy. Through the week Emma popped in with Iris, and Tash with Corben, but again, no breakthrough. Today we did a Skype chat with Australia, and she was again so distant – until – we bounced her on the head with the Ikea cloth football, and she burst out laughing – it was like someone flicked a switch, and suddenly our little girl returned and was a happy giggly playful thing.

Nursery-wise she’s fine, though did get tearful on Friday, missing her mummy. Aww.

I hope this is just teething/a phase. I think it is, and it will pass… I’m just so tired now!

She’s answering questions now with two or three word answers, which is great! At bathtime last night I asked her where her boat was, and she answered something like “it’s in here” – she can say odd numbers here and there – two and ten are her favourites at the moment, and Wiggles-wise she’s obsessed with Dorothy the Dinosaur. She can now yell out loud when you sing the verse of ‘Row Row’ which involves a crocodile at the end… just so many little things, but all really funny and I wish – I so SO wish – she’d do them in front of other people that aren’t her mummy and daddy!!!

Sleep-wise she’s waking up once again around 2ish in the morning, though these seem to last longer. Then we get a 5am wakeup call, though sometimes she gets herself back to sleep. Yes, we’re functioning… the pieces of the jigsaw are getting slowly back together again after a horrendous week last week…