We’ve changed a few things in H’s routine this week. For ages now we’ve done the bath-teeth-milk-sleep routine which has badly needed changing for some time, mainly for the milk-sleep association, plus milk after cleaning teeth isn’t great. So we discussed and changed this week, and so far, not bad.

The first night she was asleep quickly, second again, not too bad. Tonight she just wanted to play – we’re having to really stress to her it’s “quiet time” not playtime, which I think she’s getting the hang of. Add to this a spot of sleep training (ie, putting her in the cot awake so she goes to sleep herself rather than being nursed/rocked etc) and I’d say 3-4 days in it’s decent. Onwards we go… things can only get better, I hope!

Her talking is coming on, she’ll bring a book to me and say “mummy, read?”, she’ll point out her drink “Water!” in a cockney accent (arghhhh), she hugged Bea this week! She’s never hugged another child – but she walked over with her arms outstretched and gave her a hug (and Bea hugged her back and it was too cute!). Nursery say her counting to ten is good, and quite advanced for her age, so I’m happy with that too (and nobody can take it away from me). I can have conversations in the car with her on the way home from nursery (usually asking who she played with, what songs she sung, what she’d like for tea, can she see any of (insert object/animal here), and so on). It’s all good.