Today was ever so slightly exhausting. Last night Shaun and I both individually worked out that if H has a UTI, then potentially it’s cystitis. It’s taken us this long until the penny dropped. We both also think it hasn’t completely gone away, I’m going to speak to the doctor on Monday… so today we’ve been getting H to drink lots of water, and watered down cranberry juice in the hope it will help.

Sometimes I really wish there was something out there which spelt it out. Just sometimes.

H hasn’t been herself at all today – two major major tantrums which is really unlike her (but were easy enough to deal with), and equally cuddly and demanding.

Things improved massively by 5pm when I’d been given permission (by H) to watch the Tottenham game. Goals! We cheered! It was fun! She played football in the room with Shaun! This excites me.

Then she sat and read her Animal Boogie book while singing.