So, a few things. H has started singing a new nursery song, to the tune of ‘frere jacques’

Crabs and Starfish, crabs and starfish
big sharp tooth, big sharp tooth
octopus and penguin, octopus and penguin
dolphins too, dolphins too

Which begs the question, where did that random second line come from? H’s head, that’s where. A quick google, and it’s ‘big shark too’ and I made the ultimate in bad mum sins and corrected her. She was adamant it was ‘big sharp tooth’. I couldn’t argue with her. I couldn’t correct her. After a bit of time it took me back to (which I’m sure I’ve mentioned before) the time I did MY OWN interpretation of ‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain’ from The Sound Of Music when I was nine or so, and my mum CORRECTED it. She’ll learn the correct way eventually, but I really have to stop myself sometimes.

At 9.33pm, she’s still awake. Her latest phase is to ‘tell stories’ to whichever toy is in her bed. I went up as I heard her getting louder and louder, and made her jump as she was “changing Jessie Cat’s nappy” (fortunately there was no nappy in sight). She wants to play and I’d like to relax. Shaun needs to study, and we’re all getting there.

I’m letting her talk herself to sleep, however, last night she talked to herself for ages, a story about Hunca Munca going to nursery with baby Hunca Munca and playing some games. Got to love the creativity, I just wish she’d sleep.

I’ll set Samuel L. Jackson on her next

Except she’ll probably take notes.

In other news, great excitement in our house as H can now suddenly tell the time. She mostly gets it right, but not in a proper sense – she’ll read out the numbers, but has worked out which o’clock it is, and can identify the other numbers. We’ve had a few random calls, and I’m SO glad we got those books for telling the time at the last car boot sale, as they’re perfect.