H has had a bug, as I’ve previously said. Today she finally went back to nursery, and came home tired, and fell asleep just fine. In fact, she stayed asleep all night thanks to us (purposely) keeping the landing light on. Fortunately we’re hundreds of pounds in credit with our electricity people… but hey… hopefully this new found waking in the night ‘wanting a cuddle’ will pass…

It’s very tiring. Working long days then coming home and dealing with a tired child who isn’t quite 100%, and getting to this stage of the evening and wanting to relax but there’s STILL more to do gets hard sometimes. Really hard. I don’t know how parents do it with more than one, but I guess you get used to what you have?

Yet when she was a baby we got by on less sleep and more coffee, twelve weeks of colic and screaming the place down every night from 5.30 on the dot, with me handing H to Shaun saying “have your daughter” as I ran upstairs to cry, sleep and rest after having had the angriest little girl scream at me solidly for almost two hours. She’d often stop around 2am, but Shaun is much more patient than I – and knew I needed the rest. So we got through that, this is a piece of cake really in comparison.

I’m craving fresh air – everywhere indoors smells of dust, this house is a dusty dusty house which never feels clean. Work had the carpets cleaned over the weekend – a proper Rug Doctor clean and for the first time in weeks I can go to the kitchen area and touch a tap and not get an electric shock – something which happens in this house from time to time.

But it’s getting warm! Tomorrow we have clouds and sun! Rejoice! It was too warm to do up my jacket tonight on the way home from work – I can put washing on the line and it dries! (it also breaks the outdoor airer, which bent over – it was set to break so it wasn’t a huge surprise, and it’s fixed now)

We’ve gone craft crazy at home (making H a dolls house – check the #operationdollshouse hashtag on Instagram) and I’ve splashed out on scissors and fabric tape (which is as close as I’ll get to Washi Tape, plus it costs £3 from Tiger and they have spots, checks and stripes for designs. Spring! Stuff! Uniqlo have a new range by Cabbages and Roses which I want to buy everything from (handy birthday present for me next week, I’ve booked my Wowcher hair appointment for Saturday morning and instructed Shaun to get me a present with H while I’m out) – which includes a polka dot black hooded top.

This warmer weather brings out a happier me.

Tomorrow brings D-Day – we find out where H will start school in September. No more nursery! No more fees which are almost as much as rent! Just breakfast and afterschool clubs (eventually, hopefully). Now to get some wine…