Everything has gone a bit crazy – as in the kind of crazy where there’s loads going on and you’re not entirely sure where to start so you just kind of plough through it all and hope your head is being kept above water.

This also wasn’t helped last week with being beyond tired – in a sort of post-viral way, we both felt it – tired until the point your head wobbles, the room spins a bit too much and all you want to do is live under your duvet for a day or two and forget about everything.

Caffeine helps you get through the day, it’s not like there’s relatives nearby to take H out or anything, you kind of muddle through. Caffeine and coming off Weight Watchers, going onto ‘maintain’ for a week and just not thinking about what you’re eating (and actually we didn’t do badly) and working through. I know last Tuesday at the end of pilates I thought I was going to collapse. I know on Wednesday after everyone had left I wanted to sleep from that point onwards.

I think I’ve caught up now. I know Shaun has. We’re back on track. It’s been a funny few days. A tiring funny few days.