I love her personality; It’s really coming out now, her sense of humour is really developed over the last few weeks – and this weekend just gone we’ve had a few corkers. Aside from her telling off Shaun All The Time (which is hilarious and I really shouldn’t encourage her) we’ve had some hilarious dismissive comments.

“no, we won’t be talking about that any more Thank You!” sort of thing (I’d mentioned I’d heard her singing the new Wiggles song ‘Do The Propellor’ – important stuff)

Then there’s Barry Bloody Scott. There’s a new Cillit Bang advert and she has seen it. She excitedly squealed how Barry now has a car and not an aeroplane, then piped up without any prompting “Bang! And the plane has gone!” (which we thought was hilarious – humour and in the right context too).

I’m about to become an auntie again in the next week and we were talking about babies. H is insistent that babies come from the tummies and right now I’m not going to challenge that too much as she’s only three. Plus she was born by c-section, easily the easiest way to explain to your child how they were born. My sister tells me that H’s cousin (22 months older) now knows that ‘babies come from your foofoo’. Sighhhh. We won’t be far behind, I’m sure.

We’ve been waking her up for night-time wee’s and taking it in turns. She’s definitely a mummy’s girl at the moment, what with her declaring to Shaun one night “DADDY! You BROKE my IDEA.” and screaming and hitting him in her sleep – all he did was sat her on the loo. I get cuddles!

Yesterday she amazed us with her maths skills by telling us there were two minutes to go before it was 8am – it was 7.58 – and she can now spot and read the word ‘sky’ whenever she sees it, thanks to the adverts. I realise this makes it look like we watch a lot of tv, but the reality is she gets five minutes of Ben & Holly every morning we go to work, and even tonight she opted to read her Moshi Monsters sticker book over watching something. Every time we see the Sky adverts on tv she has to say “oh no, SKY. We don’t like them, do we Mummy?” to which I confirm we absolutely do not.

Her reading is improving, so I’ve been making sentences which don’t make sense to take away the guesswork – just simple things like ‘the sky is red’, but we’re slowly getting there. We also recently presented her with the Barefoot Books World Atlas due to no accidents at nursery (as we promised she could have it if she did three months) so she’s been doing lots of learning about the world, and where the sun and the moon go – something she’s currently fascinated with. I suspect we’ll be making some playdough shapes and moving them around soon so she gets the idea of how it all works…

Then all of a sudden it hit me, she’s learning everything from things I’m doing. Blimey. That wasn’t so bad… she may end up with my bad sense of humour, and for that I apologise, but she will have a good joke repertoire.