Our latest follow-up appointment at the hospital has led to the conclusion that H’s weak eye is now as good as her strong eye – and when the eye lady had a look said she noticed a squint in her other eye, which is an excellent sign. The conclusion of this? Another appointment in a few months and a big appointment in six with the eye doctor – and for the forseeable future NO PATCHES!


Be gone! (even though they’re quite fun to make butterflies with)

Eyepatch Butterfly, Ortopad

Even if nursery thought it was a bit odd I wanted to take them home every night (so I knew how often she’d had the patch and also to make the butterfly, obvs.)

Yet again H was brilliant – a confident little girl, answering questions and not being fazed by what she was being asked – when her strong eye was blocked and she recognised all the pictures really far away (and I still remember the first time, the “errrr…. errrrrr….. errrrr….”) I knew things had improved massively. So now she’s being monitored with no patches to see how her eyes settle. Realistically we know that up until she’s seven she’ll be wearing glasses – as your eyes develop up to then – but now we can be a little bit more relaxed about it.

In other news, she properly jumped in the pool today at swimming without my help (at LAST! Her last jump at the Morden pool too, our last lesson there as we’re switching back to Westcroft) and found it hilarious that she’d soaked me. I thought it was brilliant she’d finally done it, and now I’m hoping she’ll keep it up.

This will also be my last time in a swimming pool with her for a lesson. After having had almost two and a half years of weekly lessons, to not be doing them any more is weird. She’ll still have them, I’ll just be sat at the side with a stiff brandy cup of coffee and a bit of a tremble as my baby learns to swim on her own. Gulp.