We had an open day at nursery yesterday, which H had a glowing report; she’s confident, speaks well and can tell you what she means in nice long sentences (I suspect a waffler like her mummy may be in progress here). Apparently all the girls in her room recreate ‘Circle Time’ with teddies – H has done this at home a few times and will set them all out, then read a book to them, often if she can’t remember the story just describing what is on the page. It’s brilliant, and really funny in a good way too.

Tomorrow she starts settling in to the next room, then in two weeks is in there full time – she’s been dying to go in there and is more than ready – as are we for her to be in there. I’ve had mixed reports from other mums as their kids have moved up, some finding it difficult but others really coming out of themselves and enjoying it. I’m hoping H will be the latter, as this is the closest to a school environment she’s ever going to get to (until next September).

We’ve set some fairly standard targets for her to achieve – starting to write letters (which she’s quite good at when she’s being patient), recognising words a bit more (again while she can’t read she can recognise letters and works out what they might say), and colouring in things and keeping them within the lines (as I noticed she does a lot better with this when she has her glasses and eyepatch on). We’ll see how we get on anyway… I’m ready for change, and I’m never a huge fan of it.