Way back in the early nineties I was living back at my parents house in York. Every night I’d hear a noise every thirty seconds or so, and it would keep me awake as I counted between noises; a kind of muffled beep but maybe an animal or something. I had no idea, I was tired and I was troubled by it.

I told my dad. He came and listened in my bedroom – I was convinced it was coming through the loft somewhere, so he suggested maybe an animal was trapped up there. The area of loft over my bedroom didn’t have any floor, so it wasn’t like you could just go and check and see. He did look with a torch, but couldn’t see anything.

STILL the noise kept going, every thirty-ish seconds. I got a bit obsessed with it.

Eventually we decided maybe it was coming from my bedroom. My mum, dad and I took all the things from my wardrobe down to see what we could find, moving the wardrobe back.

“A-HA!” says my dad, working out what the problem was. “There’s a mouse!” and I see a white mouse down the back of the wardrobe, frozen still, trapped down the back. I scream and run downstairs ever so teary, the poor little mouse had been crying out for help and I hadn’t paid attention, and now it had DIED. In MY bedroom.

A couple of minutes later my mum comes downstairs, laughing. “You daftie” she says (or words similar) and THROWS THE DEAD MOUSE AT ME.

Obviously I then become hysterical, and even better, my sister has friends over who all think I’m a freak (though probably understood, but then probably just thought I was a fool). Then I look.

It’s a toy mouse. It’s not actually real. As the common sense thoughts start to make their way back into my head – a mouse wouldn’t get stuck down the back of a wardrobe. Obviously. Some white fluffy thing which was thrown on top of the wardrobe never to be played with again (n.b. it was my sister’s).

I then burst into tears of relief while still being mildly hysterical (is that possible?).

Oh, and – that noise I was hearing? It was a smoke alarm I’d bought myself. Yes, I do weird things like buy smoke alarms, never to use them and leave them in the box. The battery was running out. Yeah, I felt pretty foolish, and probably still a bit wobbly from having a toy mouse thrown at me, as you do.

This memory was inspired by this story, and my friend having another beep she had no idea what it could be on Facebook (it was a cat flap battery). I’m now sharing it with more people by adding it to Flashback Friday. Go on, laugh at me now. (please)

Demon Ghost Mouse