On Thursday it took an hour and a half to drive to work – which meant I got in late. Fortunately it’s half term next week, so I’ll get in early and make the time up, but I still had to leave at 4.30 to get to nursery to pick up H – and that took another hour and a half – it’s normally 45 minutes! So H was one of the last ones out at nursery… which always brings me back to this article in The Guardian back in July, the perfect way to keep that parental guilt going… if I’m accused of anything I can say I didn’t do it, but after an hour have convinced myself that actually, I have; and that one of the girls at nursery wrote it about me; which of course isn’t the case at all.

But still it’s there.. one of the first in, one of the last out… fortunately H doesn’t care one bit – and it’s me dealing with the guilt. I remember the first time I went to pick her up after I returned to work and it took forever, I was in tears in the office apologising to her while she just giggled and didn’t care. It’s definitely a parent thing..