I think I’m definitely experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. It’s quite annoying, tightening jabbing pains around my abdomen, getting me ready for later this month. Thanks body, thanks baby. Our midwife at the Antenatal class said (and I quote, probably incorrectly) “I could go through this pain every day, it’s the best pain ever” (because of what happens at the end, that is) – we all looked on puzzled. Mind, I equated this to breaking your leg, and the pain getting it into a position where your leg heals, and you can walk again, and would that also be a good pain? I think I missed the point, quite possibly.

The words “later this month” are odd to type. It’s August. Christ.

Had my first ever bra fitting today in M&S. God, what an odd experience. Had to lift my top up to allow the lady to measure my band size, showing off the bump, while she went off to get some bras which should fit – except one bra had metal all over it (niiiice.. not), so I’d be allergic anyway – so I got my 2 pack of bras and bought them. The woman kept knocking on the door, right as I was trying to fasten the metal on the not-so-good-bra, so there I am virtually naked, bump on show, telling the lady she’ll have to hang on a sec. Gawd. She was helpful, I’m not knocking her, I just wanted my bras and to get the hell out of there.

Stocked up on Raspberry Leaf Tea, which will make things bearable apparently (though I’ve read it makes the BH contractions even MORE painful), and we had our labour ward tour today, which was kind of short, and I don’t feel like I’ve actually learnt much about it, other than there’s lots of rooms still being worked on, and they wont be ready for another 3-4 weeks. Which means they wont be ready when it’s time, quite possibly. That and I’ve seen a birthing pool, and the inflatable one on The Apprentice looked much more appealing.

There’s also the tiredness. We did the tour, went to M&S and Sainsburys, Smyths Toys, and by that point I was ready to sleep on the settee, drained of all energy. This is odd, I’m not used to being like this. The smallest things are wearing me out now, but yet my energy comes back really quickly too.

So yes, my entire days are currently me lying on the settee, feeling tired. Yet I’m still getting a decent nights sleep. Very odd. But normal.