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While generally I can trick H about many things, she’s getting smarter. Of late, she has been writing lots of letters. When I say lots, I mean LOTS.


To Santa.

They’re all hidden.

I ask her what they say, and she tells me “they’re private”.

So I say “aaahh but you can tell mummy!” and hope she might weaken as she “loves her mummy so so much” but no. “It’s private.” she reminds me.

So I accept this, and watch her go and hide the letter. Except it’s being hidden in the bookcase. The bookcase which has several of her books in it.

So I wait until she’s gone to get ready for bed, as she doesn’t come back downstairs at this time.

Can I find it? Can I heck. Argh.

Surely it can’t be that difficult to find a private letter to Santa Claus, can it? It would appear so. My child is good at hiding places. Must get that from me… what with all the things us parents have to lie about to keep up the magic.

Someone suggested maybe she’s testing Santa, to see if he really exists. As if Shaun and I can’t read the letters, then he really must. But of course, we’d find the letters and know what she was asking him for. But then by looking for the letters (and potentially finding them) are we disrespecting her request for privacy? So we have to keep ANOTHER secret from her, that we’re having to lie about finding a letter to keep up the lie about Santa?

It’s so confusing.

I know she’ll keep believing in the Tooth Fairy as she gains money from that one. I know she’ll probably question Santa Claus soon as other children in her class have older siblings and you can guarantee they’ll blab. I’ve had to tell her we pay Santa Claus back, so she can’t just choose the most expensive version of Super Mario Maker and think it’s okay. (and also I’m thinking this is quite a good family present rather than just for H, as I’ll play it as much as she is likely to – although the limited box, without the game looks awesome – for me).

But right now I can’t find the letter. Although one Facebook friend said I should suggest that I read the letter so I don’t buy her the same thing as Santa. Although knowing H she’ll just suggest we give the duplicate toy¬†to one of her friends.

One thing I do have under control is wrapping paper. Last year H spotted that Santa had used the same paper as we have “oh ho ho ho ohhhh” I bluffed “what a coincidence” and changed the subject. This year I’ve bought a roll and hidden it under the stairs. This means she’ll probably find the roll on Christmas Eve or something – it’s inevitable.