Yesterday we spent an hour or two in Beddington Park. H cycled around and only almost fell off her bike twice, usually due to her looking over her shoulder at us instead of where she was cycling. Luckily Shaun caught her, but I knew something needed to be done. I’ve been looking for some decent waterproofs for a while now, and had the Debenhams Sale recommended to me, so worked through today and took my lunch late.

I found the kids floor, found boys all in one’s and headed to the desk. I don’t mind buying H things with dinosaurs on, however Shaun usually isn’t as keen. I asked the assistant if there were any girlier designs, in the hope there may be some tucked away I hadn’t spotted, but it wasn’t to be.

“We’ve got some onesies?” he helpfully offered. I had visions of H in the pouring rain in a Hello Kitty onesie, she may as well wear flip flops to finish off the lack of waterproof. I quite nicely told him they’re not so good for splashing in puddles, and I think he may have silently agreed.

Debenhams waterproof

By the time I’d picked her up from holiday club I remembered Carshalton Park was flooded, so was worth having a look. I parked up and we got out – now, sensibly I should have put on her new waterproofs, but we made do without, we even had wellies in the car. Oh it was muddy – and flooded.

Carshalton Park flooded hog pit pond

The Hog Pit pond where they build up pallets for our fireworks display is a large lake at the moment – I don’t think I’ve ever seen it like that.

carshalton park flooded canal

Alongside the park is a stream, more often than not dry which leads up to the grotto, my favourite part of the park even if you can’t go inside. The stream is strong, deep and not what should be there. It’s definitely been quite a flood. I know the ponds in the village are higher than usual too, so I’m guessing a lot of this water could be related to that. Oh, and the rain.

Carshalton Park Grotto

Carshalton Park Grotto

We wandered to the grotto, walked back to the park to play while I admired the line of trees by the (not dry) river, and decided that actually, it’s really quite lovely here sometimes. We headed into the park for a play, and bumped into one of her old friends from nursery (who’d even been talking about her earlier today, funnily enough).

Finishing early and going to the park is my kind of day – even in the cold. It was nice to breathe again. So, so nice.

carshalton park stream

So ends H’s Christmas Holiday break today. Tomorrow is back to school, a new term.

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