I was sad this morning – H didn’t quite get it. We go to our local Children’s Centre for their Stay and Play session, which we kept calling Messy Play for simplicity’s sake. Two weeks today and I’ll be back at work – next weeks session isn’t happening.

So, today was our last one. Our last sit down and sing the ‘Hello’ song, our last ‘Roly Poly’ and even possibly our last ‘Hammer Hammer Hammer’. I was sad, it’s a part of our social lives which suddenly seemed to take off again, I was chatting with local mums again and felt like we were becoming a part of it all again. Alas, no more.

It’s not the end of the world or anything, but I’m sad to see it go. H asked me “does this mean Daddy will take me?” – but no, she’ll be at nursery. She’ll be happy with that.

I don’t like ‘lasts’.

In other news, just after posting my last post on here last night, I discovered every single WordPress site I’ve got on my webspace had some malicious code on it. This time tonight and my webhost have removed it – I hope forever – but oh, that led to an unsettled night last night and a well past midnight kind of day.

However, my spirits were lifted incredibly by a delivery from Kelloggs. Now, I sent my email to offer to review their new breakfast cereal, and assumed I’d be getting one box. But no! I have in fact got one large box of ten boxes. That’s us sorted for cereal for the forseeable future, H is very excited about tomorrow when she can try it, anyway. Shaun’s reaction was as expected, a kind of “errrrrrr….?!?”